Happy no web eve

Happy no web eve

By Mike Lotz

Happy no web eve

By Mike Lotz

A group of teen computer hackers allegedly planned an international conspiracy in which they hoped to “take down the Internet” on New Year’s Eve.

The FBI said that they have seized computers, floppy disks, CD-ROMs and other related equipment for further investigation but have not made any arrests.

The FBI was contacted by Dalnet, an international provider of Internet chatrooms, and told that several young people using their chatrooms had disabled some of their computer systems and were discussing cyber-terrorism online.

A 16-year-old Washington resident under investigation had boasted on a personal website that a plot to sabotage communications hardware on the Web would “take down the Internet on New Year’s Eve 2001.” The teenager later said in an interview that the case is overblown and based on his misguided efforts to impress his friends.

The FBI took this case seriously, searched his mother’s home, and seized all his computer equipment.

Teenagers from California, Michigan and Israel were also found to have discussed cyber-terrorism in some chatrooms, and are suspected of trying to inject a bug into the Web servers that form the communications backbone of the Internet.

That bug would have allowed them to shut down some chat rooms and other realms of the Internet, and possibly gain access to some people’s personal computers, according to the FBI.

The FBI also added, “The severity of the threat was such that it required a pre-emptive search. It’s just not worth allowing something like this to happen where there is probable cause to believe it will.”

I wonder how anyone could “bring down the Internet!” The Internet started as a military project, and the idea behind it was to avoid situations where the whole network would go down. The Internet was made to resist a nuclear bomb, but not a bunch of kids trying to take down a couple of servers.

These kids are not a security risk to the United States or any country. If they were discussing something of this magnitude in a monitored public chatroom, then they cannot possibly have enough knowledge/skill to do the damage that they claimed.

Kids will be kids, but these days, it’s trying to hack into servers, not egging the neighbors’ house.

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