Harmonic sounds of Nicholas mesmerizes students

Harmonic sounds of Nicholas mesmerizes students

By Kathleen Wachowiak, Freelance Writer

Nicholas Gunn performed Monday Oct. 7, at Jackson School for a mesmerized assembly, Kindergarten thru Grade 5. The students were fantastic and one could tell by their enraptured faces and body movement that they were engrossed in the harmonic sounds of Gunn’s music. Gunn shared with the students a little about music, the instruments, and that he was six years old when he started to play the flute and that anything can happen if you apply yourself and study.

Several students correctly identified the different instruments, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drums and bongo drums. The students shared with me later how much they liked his performance, and some even wrote very nice thank you letters, inviting him to come back, and wanting to buy his music and go to his concerts. Many of the teachers purchased Gunn’s CD’s and played them for their students. One student said he knows his mother would like the music and he does too.

I think it would be great if Nicholas got some recognition for donating his time and talent to the children of Rockford and that good things go on in our schools.

Also, Gunns will be playing for Charlotte’s Web at Memorial Hall on Friday, October 25th. I have sold 30 tickets for the performance and received another 20 to sell. It takes no effort since once people hear Gunn play, they fall in love with him and his music. It is so pleasing and soothing to the ear and psyche.

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