Harrison-Springfield Ave. extension concrete cracked

July 1, 1993

Harrison-Springfield Ave. extension concrete cracked

By Joe Baker

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) officials are trying to find out what went wrong with part of the construction on the Harrison-Springfield Ave. extension at the former Tom Ditzler property.

Concrete poured to form the new roadway has cracked from the center median across two lanes. “I think it’s sinking,” said Ditzler, a U.S. military veteran.

He said a county engineer told him work has stopped for the moment and that IDOT has taken core samples in an effort to find out why the cracking happened.

Ditzler said about 75 feet of the affected area has been ripped out and will have to be re-poured. He said months ago, when core samples were taken from his property in preparation for building the road, he was told: “You won’t have to worry about anyone building a road across this property unless they put it on stilts.” The engineer then told Ditzler that bedrock was more than 70 feet deep.

The structures do not sit on bedrock, Ditzler said. “They didn’t get there. They just dumped in all that gravel and went ahead and built.”

County officials launched the project through the use of the controversial “quick-take” provision of the eminent domain law which was pushed through by then-Rep. Doug Scott.

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