HDM Corp. Conducts HIPAA Compliance Seminar in Rockford: How to comply with new federal health care law

HDM Corp. Conducts HIPAA Compliance Seminar in Rockford: How to comply with new federal health care law


OMAHA (Neb.)—HDM Corp., a health care data management company, announced today that the company will hold a training seminar in Rockford, Ill., later this month to help health care companies prepare for a new federal law designed to ensure the privacy and security of health information. The new law is HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which goes into effect in April 2003.

The seminar, which will focus on how to comply with the law, will be held at the Holiday Inn Rockford from 8 a.m. until noon on Wednesday, October 30.

Lisa Lechowicz, chief executive officer of HDM Corp., said millions of health care employees must receive training on HIPAA, and many health care providers still do not understand what they are required to do under federal regulations. She said the compliance seminar is intended to give health

care providers a better understanding of what they need to do to ensure each employee covered under HIPAA regulations complies with the federal law.

“Virtually every company associated with the health care industry must provide its employees HIPAA training, with a goal of ensuring that policies and procedures regarding the privacy of health care records are followed,” said Lechowicz. “We’ve found during our discussions with clients and others in the health care industry, there is still a great deal of confusion about HIPAA. We’ve developed the HIPAA Training Seminar to help health care organizations get started on the right foot.”

Lechowicz said the HIPAA Compliance Seminar, which costs $79 to attend, will include an overview of HIPAA, action steps needed to become HIPAA compliant, and the tools each company can utilize to develop a reasonable approach to HIPAA compliance.

Earlier this year, HDM Corp. introduced Discovering HIPAA, an interactive training program that is now being used by health care organizations to train employees on HIPAA regulations. Discovering HIPAA

has been designed as an interactive learning process, taking each employee through a “story problem” where they can discover the information for themselves and then learn what steps to take so that a patient’s

privacy is not violated.

Lechowicz said customers who have used Discovering HIPAA to train employees have given the product very positive reviews, because it helps each employee not only learn about HIPAA, but also how to incorporate what each person has learned into his or her daily job.

“Whether you work in a doctor’s office, hospital or insurance company, each employee is responsible for protecting the privacy of patient records,” said Lechowicz. “We believe it is essential for each health care employee to think about situations where a HIPAA violation could occur, and this interactive training approach is the most effective method of providing quality HIPAA training.”

Discovering HIPAA is available in a two-set software package and has been designed so employees can be trained on their own schedule, rather than trying to schedule group training sessions. The set costs $198 per employee, and volume discounts will be available to larger organizations.

More information on Discovering HIPAA and the HIPAA Compliance Seminars can be obtained at HDM’s website, www.hdmcorp.com, or by calling HDM Corp. at 402-951-4520.

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