Health Freedom Emergency! Public service announcement sponsored by the Nutritional Health Alliance (NHA)

Fight for supplements now—it’s a matter of life and death

From Energy Times

More than 100,000 people a year die from obesity. More than 100,000 people a year die from synthetic drugs’ side effects. These staggering numbers are a direct result of food and drugs. Isn’t there a governmental agency that monitors our food and drugs? Oh yes—it’s called the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Judging by the numbers, the FDA needs to immediately start improving the quality of our food supply and imposing stricter safety regulations on the pharmaceutical industry. It’s a matter of life and death.

The mortality numbers associated with obesity and drugs are conservative, the tip of a massive iceberg. All signs indicate that the U.S., like the Titanic, is on course for a disastrous collision with an unhealthy food supply and increasingly ubiquitous drugs. At the helm is the FDA, navigating like a dangerously distracted captain. The iceberg looms, but instead of steering away, Captain FDA scrutinizes a harmless ice cube in his glass—the nutritional supplement industry.

As the iceberg draws closer, the captain is joined by his crew: Senators Dick Durbin, Tom Harkin and Orrin Hatch. Oblivious to the threat, they gather around the captain’s ice cube: “This ice cube could be dangerous. How can we minimize the threat? Ice cubes should probably be controlled by the FDA. Let’s draft legislation that treats this ice cube like an iceberg, just in case.” Meanwhile, we are about to crash full speed into the real danger.

Headed for disaster

This analogy reflects reality: Durbin, Harkin and Hatch are drafting non-causal Adverse Event Reporting (AER) legislation that could destroy our health freedom. Under AER, supplements will be associated with heart attacks and strokes—even if they had nothing to do with, and did not cause, those events. Treating safe, natural supplements as if they are drugs makes about as much sense as treating an ice cube like an iceberg.

While these senators target natural supplements, American citizens continue to die at alarming rates because of deadly pharmaceutical drugs and an unhealthy food supply. Where are the priorities of these misguided senators and the FDA? Dietary supplements are part of the solution to this problem, helping to support health and ensure proper nutrition.

AER is a health emergency! Durbin’s legislation could be introduced any day now. We the people, the passengers on this poorly navigated ship, must mutiny, storm the helm, fight against non-causal AER and steer towards health freedom.

We must take control!

If we want safe, beneficial nutritional supplements, we must exercise democratic power of the people. AER is poised for implementation. We must rise up together and tell our elected officials that we demand the right to take vitamins! Send a fax today, and send another fax tomorrow to make your voice heard! Fax vitamin adversary Sen. Dick Durbin at 202-228-0400, and let him know you will never vote for an enemy of health freedom. Fax key vitamin players in Congress, Senators Tom Harkin at 202-224-9369 and Orrin Hatch at 202-224-6331. Let these senators know that their support of non-causal AER will forever tarnish their legacies. Fax Sen. Michael Enzi, Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, at 202-228-0359. Tell Sen. Enzi in no uncertain terms that dietary supplements help keep you and your family healthy, and it is your right to take them.

Visit and use revolutionary technology that enables visitors to rapidly and easily compose letters and faxes to Congress. For health freedom and liberty, join the NHA today!

Reprinted by permission from the May 2006 issue of Energy Times, 548 Broadhollow Rd., Melville, NY 11747; e-mail

From the June 14-20, 2006, issue

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