Hearlbeats and Hoofbeats

Hearlbeats and Hoofbeats

By Susan Johnson

By Susan Johnson

Horse Racing Quiz

Questions for the National Jockey Club at Sportsmans Park, home of the Illinois Derby:

Does he get the bonus yet? If so, which owner does it go to?

Last winter, they offered to pay a $1 million bonus to the owner of any horse who could win the Illinois Derby and any Triple Crown race. War Emblem has now won not only the Illinois Derby and the Kentucky Derby, but the Preakness Stakes as well.

The spotlight will be on New York City this weekend, and happily, not for a tragic reason. Twenty-two horses are slated to run in the Belmont, and some newcomers will be entered. New Yorkers—and all of us—can use a little happiness.

Whether or not War Emblem goes on to win the Belmont and the Triple Crown, history of some kind will be made. Every race goes into the record books, and statistics are kept. Think you know your history? Here’s a chance to test your “horse sense” and have some fun. (Answers are on page 34. No fair peeking!)

Horse Racing Quiz

1. Today’s thoroughbred race horses are descended from three ancestral stallions. They are the Darley Arabian, the Byerly Turk and—

a) the Scarlet Pimpernel; b) the Neuchatel stallion; c) the Mongolian mustang; d) the Godolphin Barb.

2. The most famous jockey of modern times is Willie Shoemaker. Which was his first Kentucky Derby win?

a) Swaps—1955; b) Damascus—1967; c) Whirlaway—1941; d) Count Fleet—1943

3. Secretariat was given the nickname “Big Red.” What other famous race horse had this descriptive moniker first?

a) War Admiral; b) Count Fleet; c) Man O’War; d) Nashua

4. A California colt survived an on-road accident when the driver of his van suffered a heart attack. The colt recovered and went on to win the Santa Anita, Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. Who was he?

a) Majestic Prince; b) Sham; c) Sunday Silence; d) Forward Pass

5. When Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 1973, there had not been a Triple Crown winner for 25 years. Who was the last Triple Crown winner before him?

a) Omaha; b) Sir Barton; c) Assault; d) Citation

6. Which famous filly was mortally injured in a match race against 1975 Kentucky Derby winner Foolish Pleasure?

a) Ruffian; b) Hannah; c) Pretty Polly; d) Meld

7. Which two horses came in first and second respectively in all three of the Triple Crown races?

a) Assault and Nashua; b) Seattle Slew and Riva Ridge; c) Spectacular Bid and Northern Dancer; d) Affirmed and Alydar

8. Winning Colors won the Kentucky Derby in 1988. What other filly had previously won this prestigious race?

a) Lady’s Secret; b) Regret; c) Lady Sophia; d) Swiss Maid

9. Which famous jockey won the Triple Crown aboard Citation?

a) Ron Turcotte; b) Bill Hartack; c) Eddie Arcaro; d) Johnny Longden

10. Acclaimed by some as “the greatest race horse who ever lived,” he did not enter the Kentucky Derby but did win the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. Who was he?

a) Man O’War; b) Sir Barton; c) Bold Ruler; d) Seabiscuit

11. Which trainer displayed a forgiving attitude toward the horse that kicked and seriously injured his son? The son was nearly killed, but the trainer refused to harbor resentment, took over the horse’s training himself, and was rewarded when his son recovered and the horse won the Preakness and the Belmont.

a) Woody Stephens; b) Charlie Whittingham; c) D. Wayne Lukas; d) Nick Zito

12. An especially perceptive trainer urged an elderly lady to come all the way from Florida to see her horse run in the Kentucky Derby, promising her it would be worth it. The TV cameras recorded as he called the race for her, pointed out the horse’s position, and hugged her as her horse, Unbridled, won the 1990 Kentucky Derby. Who was the trainer?

a) Bob Baffert; b) Nick Zito; c) Lucien Laurin; d) Carl Nafzger

Susan Johnson is The Rock River Times copy editor.

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