Help stabilize Canada geese

Help stabilize Canada geese


The Rockford Park District Canada Goose Management team is gearing up for the third year of the population stabilization program. Following a recommended protocol deemed humane by the Humane Society of the United States, the program and the partners completed the process on 1,153 eggs in year one, and 1,853 in year two. The process is known as addling; the particular technique the park District uses is known as oiling.

How can you help? If a nest is located on your property and you support the idea of trying to help stabilize the Canada Goose population, you can call the Canada Goose Management Department at the Rockford Park District at 969-4499. They’ll answer any questions you have and help you through the process of joining this effort.

There are two results of the program:

1. For every 4-5 eggs on which the process is performed (eggs “oiled”), there will be one less goose reaching breeding age.

2. Scientists have proven (using telemetry studies) that those birds who fail at nesting will go on a “molt migration” in late June, and not return to the area until approximately the month of September. This means fewer birds during the recreational months when people want to enjoy park facilities. Information: 969-4499, Jan or Cindy.

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