Hillary’s book termed fiction

Hillary’s book termed fiction

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor

Hillary Clinton’s recently published book, Living History, is getting a lot of attention, some of it unwanted.

Judicial Watch, a public interest law firm in Washington, D.C., charges the Clinton book is fiction and designed to keep Hillary out of court. Judicial Watch is representing clients in three lawsuits against Mrs. Clinton.

One is a defamation and conspiracy action on behalf of Gennifer Flowers. The firm also represents Peter Paul, a $2 million-plus contributor to Hillary, who is bringing a civil action against her in California. In addition Mrs. Clinton is a defendant in the “Filegate” lawsuit brought against her by former Reagan and Bush Sr. administration officials whose FBI files were illegally taken and misused by the Clinton White House. Gennifer Flowers’ lawsuit charges there was an active conspiracy involving Hillary, George Stephanopoulos and James Carville, intended to destroy Flowers’ reputation through a series of lies.

Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch general counsel, said Hillary was involved in destroying Flowers’ reputation and those of other women linked to Bill Clinton. Klayman said given that situation, Hillary’s claims of shock and outrage over the Monica Lewinsky affair are obviously false and contrived ploys.

Klayman said his group has linked Mrs. Clinton to assaults on the character of Kathleen Willey and others. Willey alleged she was the victim of a sexual assault by Bill Clinton. Privacy Act material concerning the Willey case was released by the Clinton White House with the support of Hillary Clinton, he said.

A court ruled Bill Clinton committed a crime when he released Willey’s information to the press. Klayman said other individuals have documented Hillary’s hiring of private investigators to collect damaging information on her husband’s alleged paramours.

Klayman said by claiming no knowledge of the Lewinsky matter, Hillary is trying to protect herself from legal consequences of her illegal campaign to obstruct and intimidate those who opposed the Clintons’ alleged illegal acts, including Gennifer Flowers.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said of Hillary: “She is America’s Hera, the Greek goddess who, when faced with a philandering husband, simply attempted to destroy the ‘other’ women. It kept Hillary Clinton in power. But it won’t keep her out of court. And the law-abiding American people will see through Hillary Clinton’s myths.”

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