History and today

History and today


The following excerpts from the Declaration of Independence seem to leap out at us today, sounding a warning in regard to recent national events. Do any of these phrases sound familiar in a modern sense?

l “He has erected a multitude of New Offices” (such as the Office of Homeland Security?) “and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance” (ref. School Dist. 205 lawsuit)

l “He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power” (the Patriot Act?)

l “He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation…” (ref. confinement of private citizens without a trial; broad powers of the Patriot Act)

l “For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent” (School Dist. 205 lawsuit—Magistrate P. Michael Mahoney)

l “For depriving us in many cases of the benefits of Trial by Jury” (if detained by the FBI?)

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