Hospice offers direct care training

July 1, 1993

Northern Illinois Hospice and Grief Counseling Center will offer direct care volunteer training from 6 to 9 p.m., Thursdays, Sept. 2-Nov. 11 at 4215 Newburg Rd.

Direct care volunteers work closely with patients and their families, offering companionship and friendship during an important end-of-life transition. Hours of care are based on the availability of volunteers, and the needs of the patients and families.

The training will include topics such as the following: Hospice philosophy and concept, personal death awareness, listening and communication skills, confidentiality, loss and grief, medical issues of terminal illness, infection control, legal aspects/psychological aspects of dying, patient and family needs, the funeral home and spirituality care, and volunteer responsibilities and reporting.

The cost for the 10-week training is $25. Info: Regina Schick at 398-0500.

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