Housing Authority: What can only be read here

I am hopeful this will be an avenue where the Winnebago County Housing Authority can answer questions for you and have the answers printed correctly and without bias. Lately in the news, you have heard accusations of malfeasance, incompetence or neglect of duty aimed at the board of directors and staff of the Winnebago County Housing Authority. I want to clear a few things up, but it will take more than today’s column, so we will start writing to you in The Rock River Times often.

All this rhetoric began when the WCHA Board chairman and vice chairman questioned motives of a board member, and Kris Cohn asked why 13 people attended a conference in Dallas mid-October of 2003. What is NOT told was the conference is set up to educate by job classification such as executive director, director of housing, director of finance, board of directors and resident training. Each class and seminar is directed at the designated job title.

Now we ask—can the director of finance skillfully attend the classes on housing and bring back a report to teach the director of housing how to do his/her job? We don’t think so; this is why we all went together. The WCHA, along with thousands of others, attended to learn how to increase productivity and interact with others from different parts of the country doing the same thing.

We believe the money was well spent and that the return on investment will be proven many times over.

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