How to build your Internet store…the right way

Have you always wanted to have a Web site for your products or services, but were overwhelmed by the confusing terms and details? What does SEO, meta-tags, pay-per-click, ISP, domain name and ROI mean? It can be very frustrating and time consuming to learn how to apply these to your online business.

Your Net Store ( was started by Jane Langdon to help you understand the terms, applications and mistakes most people make when starting their Internet business. She says the first thing to do is find out if your name is trademarked by another company. Many people have started their business without checking, and that can lead to many problems, including a lawsuit. Then you will need to get a domain name, business insurance, etc., and those are the easy parts.

Langdon has been through all the steps of successfully starting Internet businesses. She knows the best Web hosting service, business insurers, search engine optimizers, copywriters, trademark attorneys, photographers and e-mail providers because she has four successful Internet businesses and uses all of them. Her online businesses include Hand Blended, Long Lasting Perfumes (at, Custom Couture Clothing (at, Medication Compliance Kits (at, Your Net Store (at

Years ago when she started, there was not much information on how to go from A to Z when starting an Internet business. Now there is more than you could read, let alone understand. You can go bargain basement and never get ranked on the important search engines (Google is the top search engine). She has gone to seminars offering to “do it all,” including overpricing everything. At the last one, she printed out all the lawsuits against the company giving the seminar and passed it out to the people near her. Many ignored it and paid for the service anyway. Some of these people were unemployed and spending the last dollars they had. Her Web service provider has never been sued and been in the business since 1995. So check the Internet to see if the company has lawsuits against them before you sign anything.

More info: Your Net Store LLC, Jane Langdon, Suite 1010, 5670 Pennwall St.,

Madison, WI 53711-5421; call toll-free at 1-877-355-7673; fax toll-free at 1-877-355-7673; e-mail; or visit

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