By Mike Lotz

Australian company Nascomms (, claims to be the first in the world to go online with numeric addressing, in which telephone numbers are used to replace the standard dot-com address.

With worldwide patents pending on all its technology, Nascomms hit the Net this week with numeric addressing and already claims to have a couple hundred customers.

“We expect that figure to grow incredulously over the next few months,” said Nascomms general manager, Siobhan Dooley.

According to Nascomms’ web-site, the advantages of using the numeric addressing system are: You already have a phone number; no dots to enter; no www to enter; easy reference by local telephone book; easy to remember; and suits national and international numbers.

Every phone directory in the world is on the Net, and no two people have the same phone number, according to Dooley. Top that with URLs that are prohibitively long to type in, and dot-com addresses that are often difficult to find. Numeric addressing “makes life quicker and a bit simpler,” she said.

If you don’t already know, I’ll let you in on a secret: web-sites already have numeric addresses. For example, is also IP address

If you type in or, you will go to the same web-site.

In the old days, you always got to a place by typing in its IP address. Then, when the web came around, they thought it would be easier to have alpha character names instead of the numeric address. Thus, dot-com is born and Domain Name Servers (DNS) evolve to translate the alpha name to the numeric address.

I wonder how many companies will be suckered into purchasing this product, just to revert their named web-site back to a number. Nascomms is only translating the complexity of remembering an IP address into a new complexity of figuring out the ISD code + regional code + phone number of a company web-site you want to visit.

What about businesses that want you to remember their web-site address from a 30-second commercial? Is it going to be easier to remember or 8846928765?

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