Hypnosis Today: Hypnotherapy can help reduce prompts for stress

Hypnotherapy is one of the best methods for releasing stress. Stress is a state of mind. Stress from conflict, worry, fear, pain, anticipation or any other situation, demands decision or action. Stress prompts us to action.

Stress can be a good thing, if we recognize it simply as the emotional need to act. Stress can be a bad thing if we fail to release the cause.

Stress is also a decision. We “decide” to hold on to a situation, conflict, habit, fear or emotion at the cost of creating and harboring stress in ourselves.

If we make the decision to “release” the cause of our stress, then the item evaporates. This may be a big jump of faith, but it works.

Many times, the client is unable to state the root cause of a particular stressful situation. The mind knows the situation is stressful, but the reason for the stress is not available to our conscious mind. The situation may be stored as an emotion, and not be available in words we can easily express.

The following three primary issues cause the majority of stress in our lives: inaction (or procrastination), self-esteem (or confidence in ourselves) and unforgiveness (guilt is self-unforgiveness). Hypnotherapy can be used to address any of these issues.

Hypnotherapy is not a support group. Hypnotherapy is fast, permanent therapy, in most cases, and is designed to pinpoint and eradicate negative thought patterns and emotions.

Inaction is a serious cause of stress. We see the deadline approaching, but fail to act. As the deadline comes closer, the stress level increases. If we fail to act, the deadline is upon us, and the consequence of our inaction are sealed. If we study for the test, we pass the course. If we don’t study, we fail. If we pay the electric bill, we have light. If we fail to pay the bill, we sit in the darkness. We decide our fate by our action or inaction.

Self-esteem and confidence in how we look, act and interact with others is a constant stress. We need only look at how far school children will go to be accepted into an imagined group to see the effects of the stress on self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy can be integral in establishing a positive self-image and acceptance of who and what we are. When we are confident in ourselves, we aren’t as easily influenced by others. Adolescent conscious minds are not normally developed to a point they can act to protect the subconscious mind from erroneous, incorrect or negative thought patterns and emotional involvements.

Forgiveness, and forgiveness of self (release of guilt), are fundamental to freedom from anger and resentment-based stress. All will agree that anger is a destructive emotion, but few will relate anger to the underlying fear and causative agent of unforgiveness. When we forgive, we release anger.

Anger creates stress, which easily translates to hypertension, ulcers, heart attack and stroke. Forgiveness is a decision to release your anger, resentment and hate. Freedom from stress is as easy as forgiveness.

Robert Sieveking is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is the owner of Hypnotherapy Resolutions, 4249 E. State St., Rockford. Phone 815-226-3800 or visit him on the Web at http://hypnotherapyresolutions.com/.

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From the June 14-20, 2006, issue

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