Illegal immigrants are ILLEGAL!

Editor’s note: The following was sent to the Rockford Register Star as a letter to the editor in response to a July 24 article in the local daily.

Illegal immigrants are a pet peeve of mine, because they are here ILLEGALLY for heaven’s sake. Your (Rockford Register Star) article on the 24th of July, telling of the WONDERFUL Metricula Consular Cards, and how the cards HELP illegals was troubling. While the Register Star plays up how GOOD these cards are for the ILLEGAL’S, the FBI is saying the cards pose a criminal and terrorist threat, and are useful only to ILLEGAL aliens, BECAUSE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS already have U.S.-issued documents. Your paper ignores that fact completely.

Sure, it was well-done piece placing a glowing GOOD side to the cards. It has recently been reported that MIDDLE EAST people are taking Hispanic names and fake IDs, sneak in with the Mexicans, and NOW WITH A FEW MORE LIES, they can get a Metricula Consular Card, blend in and BOMB the heck out of us.

The Washington Times just ran a three part series , “Aliens hiding in plain site,” by Jerry Seper, July19-21. It is very enlightening and educational, in a much more true sense than the “ Oh, those poor illegals, let’s help THEM,” Register Star article.

For example, U.S. taxpayers pay MORE THAN $7 BILLION a year to educate ILLEGAL people. We pay $1 BILLION in medical care for ILLEGALS, per year, and $3 BILLION to detain, hold, prosecute,and send back illegals per year, in city, county, state and federal detention centers.

So, the person is looking for something better. So do thieves, burglars, home invaders. Would the RRStar owners/editors call the police if they found a stranger in their home? Or would they listen to the tale of woe and tell them to stay, free of charge, and furnish them with unending food, free rent, pay their medical bills, teach them to read and let them drive their cars? I guess I don’t think you would go that far, but it’s making my point. We should not reward illegal acts.

Local banks and other businesses should listen to the FBI version, ONLY ILLEGALS NEED THIS CARD, and do not accept these cards as legal. They are put out by the Mexican government, not the U.S. government.

Another icon from The Washington Times articles: “The number of companies fined for hiring illegal workers has plummeted: 1,660 from 1994 to 1998 compared with 440 from 1999 to 2003, according to INS records.” The Bush administration appears to be helping employers slide by on breaking OUR laws. I thought he and they were sworn to uphold the Constitution and laws of our nation. They need to be voted out and/or impeached or recalled.

It is estimated that 24 percent of the federal prison inmates are illegal aliens. Want more proof to make them enter legally?

In Los Angeles, there is a long-standing policy known as “Special Order 40” that prohibits its officers from informing federal immigration officials about illegal aliens they discover during the normal course of their duties. HA HA HA.

And regular Americans have to put up with SAFETY ROAD BLOCK CHECKS, like Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany. Whats up with that??? I’m tired of paying for the illegals to stay, and I am NOT in favor of helping them stay. They broke OUR laws. Send them back and tighten the borders. What say some more of my fellow LEGAL citizens?

Jim Ditsworth is a local resident.

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