Illinois Democracy petitions ordered recalled

SPRINGFIELD—Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Illinois citizens supporting the Illinois Democracy Project are now asking their families, neighbors and acquaintances to sign petitions to put the “Show Us Amendment” on the statewide ballot for the elections to be held in November 2008.

The petition sheets are flawed, and should not be circulated.

Project participants should discard the petition forms they are now circulating, return to the project Web site,, print out the corrected petition form for their voting jurisdiction, and circulate the revised form instead.

What was the flaw? The petition forms originally posted at the Web site—and distributed to Illinois PTA chapters throughout the state—incorrectly reflected the election date as Nov. 11, 2008. The correct date for the election is Nov. 4, 2008. Correct petition forms will have the date Nov. 4, 2008, at the end of the first paragraph under the heading: “PETITION FOR STATEWIDE QUESTION.”

How did this error occur? “It was entirely my fault,” Project Chairman Jim Broadway said.

The Illinois Election Code sets the date as “the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November,” he noted. “When I was first drafting the petition, my head took that to mean the Tuesday of the week after the first Monday, but it actually means the day after that Monday.

“In subsequent reviews of the petition, project members looked for errors in my draft—and they found a sizable number of them,” he added. “But the date mistake resisted detection. Everyone had a right to assume I was at least smart enough to know the correct date. Now that they know better, they have every right to impeach me.

“I deeply regret my error and apologize to everyone who has been out circulating this flawed petition form, and especially to my friends at the Illinois PTA who have worked so hard to deliver the form and other campaign materials to more than 900 of their local chapter leaders in Illinois,” he concluded.

The Show Us Amendment is a citizens’ initiative to amend the state constitution to require a 21-day period of public review before the final passage vote of non-emergency legislation. This will allow news media and citizens to examine the details of pending legislation, and express their views to legislators before the fact.

The Illinois Democracy Project is a purely volunteer, ad hoc, organization. It is not affiliated with, nor funded by, any other organization. Financial records of the Illinois Democracy Project are available under the PAC name “Show Us Committee,” on file with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

from the April 4-10, 2007, issue

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