Illinois government too costly

Illinois government too costly

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor

Illinois has the seventh highest cost of government in all the 50 states, according to Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a government watchdog group.

ATR holds that government at all levels—local, state and federal—is too expensive in this country. The conclusions are contained in a new report, “Cost of Government Day,” which was released last month.

“The average American citizen will work 181 days this year just to cover the cost of government,” said Grover Norquist, taxpayer advocate and ATR head in Washington, D.C. “Illinois is higher at 183 days, and working anywhere near that much for the government is completely unreasonable,” he said.

For the country as a whole, Cost of Government Day fell on July 1, but in Illinois, which is a high-spending and high-regulated state—it was July 3, with 65 days of work needed to pay for regulation and 118 to pay for spending.

The study measures the amount of government spending at all levels and adds it to the cost of regulation. It says regulations act as hidden taxes that make goods and services more costly to consumers.

“Unfortunately for Americans, Congress, especially the Senate, continues to spend excessive amounts of money on entitlement programs and numerous ‘public’ projects,” Norquist said. “Add to that burden the hidden cost of regulations—CAFE standards that make cars more expensive, OSHA regulations that put cost on businesses they pass on to consumers, environmental regulations that drive up the cost of food and building houses—and one thing is painfully clear: Americans are working far too much for their government, and not enough for themselves. It’s high time that politicians in Washington and Springfield start standing up for taxpayers and consumers,” he said.

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