In Memoriam — Roger Uliano

When we remember what we lost, reflect on how we have to celebrate—Roger. Countless students remember, Mr. U— “the coolest teacher we ever had.” Good movies, but better stories—“Mr. U set up all his lessons with stories.” Roger would lecture me — “I brought in the vets. They were great, and so were the kids!” or “Good kids, but they gotta wanna!” or “You gotta tell ‘em stories to get them to read. You gotta talk to ‘em to get them to read. Some need to see a movie before they’ll read, but you got to get them to read!” No Golden Apple for Roger. His light shone brighter than the stars filling the sky above his back 40. Roger was the kindest, most decent friend we ever had. A man of passion—for all those blessed with the opportunity to experience Roger. Passion—for the cars that he drove, for the horses that he rode, for the dance contests, for the arm wrestling tournaments, for Isle Mujures, for history, for politics, for women—for his love for Diane. He’d remind us, smiling, about “Custer’s rubout” after returning from the re-enactments in Montana. “Martini was the Italian that made it out alive.” On Monday night, Roger chose to make his final statement, to end his time in his void. When we remember what we lost, reflect on how we have the opportunity to celebrate—Roger. Roger—we, the living, will reflect your light. Arrangements pending at Fitzgerald’s Funeral Home and St. Anthony Church

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