Ingram Hill headed for success

StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//img-HMTbEm847x.jpg’, ‘Photo courtesy of’, ‘Members of Ingram Hill are (from left) Shea Sowell, Phil Bogard, Justin Moore and Matt Chambless.’);

Ingram Hill is currently touring as an opening act, but judging by its recent major label debut, June’s Picture Show, the band will be headlining its own shows soon. Hailing from Memphis, Tenn., the group became acquainted with Rockford back in May when it shared the stage with Jonny Lang at the Coronado Theatre. The quartet blends pop and rock with its southern roots to produce an infectious yet meaningful brand of music.

Ingram Hill’s success hinges on its ability to effortlessly articulate emotions that would normally be difficult to define. The band, which consists of vocalist/guitarist Justin Moore, guitarist Phil Bogard, bassist Shea Sowell, and drummer Matt Chambless, covers the typical themes of unrequited love (“Chicago”) and self doubt (“Will I Ever Make It Home”), but most of the album delivers more complex messages. Ingram Hill’s songs tend to be introspective, but not so much that the listener cannot relate to them. The pop-rock number “Almost Perfect” examines the guilty pleasure of idealizing someone who is not available, while the slower, piano-driven “Waste It All On You,” centers on finding the strength and self-esteem to leave a dead-end relationship.

Because all of the 12 tracks on June’s Picture Show are well written and executed, it is difficult to determine a specific highlight. Ingram Hill’s music has a genuine honesty and sincerity that is rare in a business powered by prepackaged gimmicks. One of the group’s more prominent numbers, “On My Way,” features Moore’s clear and confident voice as he celebrates the liberating feeling of moving on after a failed relationship. Musically, it’s evident that Ingram Hill has been heavily influenced by classic rock artists. Bogard’s clear channel guitar solos often serve as the focal point of a song and complement, but never overpower Moore’s impassioned vocals.

June’s Picture Show displays a surprising amount of maturity considering the members of Ingram Hill are all in their 20s. With such an impressive debut record, it will be interesting to see where the band goes from here. To learn more about the group, visit

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