Iraq like a mean dog next door

The situation with Iraq is kind of like having a mean dog living next door inside a good fence—then you climb over the fence in hopes of teaching it to be a nice dog, but its temperament doesn’t change and you are bitten.

Now you’re all the madder at the dog and want to kill it to get even…but you only brought a stick to protect yourself and not a brick. The dog chases you round and round, and you can’t get back over the fence … because your dad tells you you can’t quit—you have to train the dog. You’re stuck dealing with a mad dog and no way out.

Also, I’m starting a new joke—

I know how to bring jobs to the Forest City. Change the name from Rockford….to China.

Everyone says the jobs are going to China!

(We could be at the top of the list at Google under “China” for a few bucks—and have a “trade representative” to go meet with executives looking to outsource their labor.)

Allen Penticoff is a Rockford resident.

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