ISEA changes

ISEA changes

By Dan Slattery

ISEA changes

by Dan Slattery

The Illinois Solar Energy Association has recently undergone some changes. George Butkovich, past president, has recently handed over the reins to Mark Burger, also president of Spire Solar of Chicago. Spire is and has been involved with ComEd’s “Capture the Power” program and pricing experiment, also many solar energy projects in and around the city of Chicago.

The ISEA has monthly board and member meetings the second Tuesday of each month. Visitors are welcome. For more information, call Mark at Spire at 1-708-867-6500 or visit the ISEA’s NEW website at Although Butkovich is no longer president, he “intends to stay very active in the organization.” Their newsletter, Heliographs, is published for members quarterly.

Speaking of board meetings, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association has one coming up Monday, Feb. 25th, 5:30 p.m. at their headquarters in Custer, Wis. I hope to be there. I’ll let you know. For more info on that, call 1-715-592-6595 or visit Keep reading The Rock River Times for the upcoming “Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Fair” taking place there early this summer. It’s the largest event of its type in the world (to date).

Also—congratulations to the following people who have written articles and letters for The Rock River Times regarding renewable energy: Joe Baker, Jeffrey Havens, Hans Detweiler, Rod Myers, M.L. Simon and Kirk Muse. Keep up the good work, guys. It’s good to see a heightened state of awareness of these issues. People will learn—hopefully sooner than later.

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