It’s Coming to Get Me!

One evening, I was very tired and getting ready for bed. Instead, I sat on the sofa with a book and fell asleep. Suddenly, I felt something take my arm. It lifted me up like some angry substance as if I were a toy. This was not an ordinary substance. It was bright white, shaped like a cone. Was I being abducted?

I tried to escape. Frightened, I looked down at the sofa. It was empty! I cried, “For God’s sake, what are you?” It made a hissing sound and started turning in a fast circle. It was some sinister power. I felt its chilling fingers and saw its white shadow. My arms and neck prickled with gooseflesh. It took me down my hall and circled around the kitchen and family room.

Was it something or someone from beyond? Was it trying to convey a message? I’ll never know. My heart took a high skip in my chest. I was then returned to the sofa. Wide awake, I was dropped. The ghostly vision and shadow was gone. I could still feel its chilly fingers on me and pressure under my arms. Was this a dream or my imagination? Well, I didn’t return to my home for a week. I stayed with a friend. When I did go back home, I looked for some clue as to what happened to me. I’ll never know. It was scary. I’ll never forget that terror.

If anyone has had the same type of experience, please give me a call.

Editor’s note: The author submits this as a true story. She may be reached at Shirley’s Unique Boutique, (815) 229-2357.

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