Jerusalem, Ritalin, no military vote and little faces

Jerusalem, Ritalin, no military vote and little faces

By Judy Howard

Jerusalem, Ritalin, no military vote and little faces

“If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither.” These words from Psalm 135:5 were echoed by many speakers at the recent 300,000-strong “Jerusalem, I pledge allegiance” rally in Israel. (;;

These supporters of Jerusalem’s sovereignty surrounded the Holy City. As predicted centuries ago, Jerusalem has truly become the burdensome stone in these last days. Tragically, too many religious leaders have chosen to ignore Bible prophecy, leaving their churchgoers asleep in their pews, also predicted in the Bible.

Biblically illiterate Klinton told Israelis their land is also the “Palestinians’” homeland, and “there is no choice but for you to divide this land into two states for two peoples.” You need to read Exodus 23:31, Billy, where Almighty God describes His land boundaries for His people. They are much more extensive than today’s borders.

New York Times columnist William Safire wrote Jan. 4, 2001, “After the failure of Arab armies to strangle the Jewish state in its cradle in 1948, some 600,000 Arabs fled the country. Arab nations have kept them and their descendants in camps of poverty and degradation ever since, fanning the flames of hatred.” Centuries-old Bible prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes. Sadly, most church leaders are “willingly ignorant.”

Ritalin heads for the courts

Finally, concerned parents with school children forcibly prescribed Ritalin are getting their day in court. Three class- action suits have been filed in federal court against the pharmaceutical company which manufactures Ritalin and the American Psychiatric Association. (Citizens for Excellence in Education newsletter, January 2001)

The same law firms which successfully litigated class-action lawsuits against cigarette companies are representing the parents. Public schools will be sued separately. Many of us would say, “It’s about time!” Is it any wonder home-schooled children are winning all the national spelling, geography, etc. bees while being courted for prestigious universities?

No vote for the military?

That’s what Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle is supporting. Republicans have been furiously fighting for more voting booths in out-of-the-way military bases, but Daschle and his Democrat compatriots have managed to nix it again. (Spotlight newspaper, 12/25/00). They decided it was more important to have their Christmas vacations than spend time discussing the military right to vote, regardless of where they are stationed. I wonder if their disrespect for such a right is because historically, the majority of military vote has been for the Republicans? Black Democrats, with Klinton’s full support, are rallying their troops in an attempt to prove black civil rights were ignored in the Florida vote. What about the overseas military vote? Sounds like prejudice to me. You Democrats need to clean up your acts!

Little faces behind dollar bills?

That’s what School Board Member Mike Williams said at the Jan. 7 meeting. Just how much money are these “little faces” worth, Mike? Is their monetary worth more important to you than their potential academic, social worth? In the Sudan, little Sudanese faces are only worth about $18 when purchased for relief from slavery. Academic achievement is not expected for these “little faces,” stolen from their parents. Do you not have a concern for the parental responsibility necessary for that “little face’s” ultimate success and happiness? Is the dollar value more important than their personal value? Have we as a school district really stooped that low to place a dollar value on our school children’s “little faces”?

The unreasonable forced integration lawsuit has spent multi-millions of taxpayers’ dollars with “little faces” still unable to accomplish basic skills. Why? History shows unless the “little faces” have responsible parents in the home, no amount of money will be able to purchase their academic skills. The minority population in School District 205 includes Asians and Pakistanis/Indians. Take a look at their academic accomplishments. Culturally, they have very strong families, so their “little faces” graduate masters of reading, writing and math. Wake up, Mike! No amount of dollars will result in “little faces” achieving educational success unless there are responsible parents in the home. It’s time to demand parental responsibility for these “little faces”, forcing them to develop stability in the home. No parental responsibility—no “little faces” academic results!

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