Jim Fitz reports from Colombia–Part 3

Jim Fitz reports from Colombia–Part 3

By Jim Fitz

Jim Fitz is part of a volunteer Christian Peacemaker Team trying to protect Colombian citizens from violence.

Jim Fitz continues his letter to his friends back home.

March 11, 2002—I was in the Opon Wed.-Sun. Then last nite I got sick to the stomach. In the camp, we weren’t getting any fruit, so when I came in yesterday noon, I pigged out on fruit, and I’m not sure if something was bad or I ate too much, but I was in bed from about 5 p.m.-5 a.m.I threw up a bunch of times and every muscle ached. My stomach has calmed down, but I still ache a bit and still have a headache. But I am sure glad my stomach has gotten better. Was I in misery last night!

Today I am supposed to have my exit interview and tell my life story. I may not leave for Bogota til Wed. a.m., depending on how I feel instead of traveling on the night bus on Tues. night.

March 12, 2002—Well, the plan is for me to leave Barranca tonight and head for Valle Nuevo, El Salvador till the 25th of March, when I land in Chicago. I was just in the Opon for 4 days, being a presence of security there, traveling from one community to the other, sleeping in different places. This is a way of letting the armed groups and the campesinos there know we are around. There were reports of the campesinos being visited by and/or seeing the armed groups. So this could mean there could be a gun battle if they meet each other. So it seems something could happen anytime, though we hope not. For the campesinos, it obviously makes them feel safer, as a number of people told me again that they would not be there if we were not there. We talk with them from time to time about that we cannot be here forever, and that somehow security must be developed without us. That is the goal we are working towards. We don’t see how it will happen right now, but we believe that God is working to bring His peace to this land.

To end the time there on Sunday, we accompanied a group of campesinos in and out of Barranca. They were voting for senators and representatives, and they were afraid to make the trip without our being with them.

Well, thank you for your interest in my time here, reading all my letters and especially praying for me…

You can read all the news releases from CPT from all the places where they work at . You can also see wonderful pictures from Hebron, Colombia, Guatemala and Afghanistan at www.clubphoto.com and type in the CPT “password” cpt@igc.org.

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