Jimmy Wayne on track to success

Jimmy Wayne on track to success

By Caroline Rohner, Staff Writer

When a new country artist releases a debut CD, a number of scenarios could occur. He might go on to have a lengthy career, or become the latest hopeful to pass through Nashville’s perpetually revolving door. Newcomer, Jimmy Wayne’s self-titled debut album is a solid effort that builds the foundation for a promising future.

Jimmy Wayne showcases not only the musician’s skill, but also his potential as a singer-songwriter. Wayne co-wrote eight of the CD’s 12 tracks and plays acoustic guitar on several of them. He has a unique voice that combines elements of country, folk, and pop.

While the album features several midtempo ballads, Wayne sounds the strongest on faster songs like the mischievous “Tresspassin’” and “She Runs,” a haunting tune about a “born-again burnin’ restless soul” who has trouble with commitment.

Jimmy Wayne stumbles over a few slower and sappy numbers that highlight his reliance on serious songs. While dramatic lyrics make his music heartfelt and authentic, he tends to go a bit overboard at times. After addressing childhood poverty (“Paper Angels”), finding his foster brother in jail (“Blue and Brown”), and dealing with unrequited love for his uninterested father, the listener needs a break from such somber material. The album would have been more balanced if a few light-hearted tracks had been included.

Wayne makes up for his shortcomings, however, on “Stay Gone,” his current hit single. This moving ballad examines the conflicting emotions that result from leaving a long-term relationship, even when it’s the best for both parties.If this CD is any indication, Jimmy Wayne is set to have a prosperous career in country music. He’s definitely one to watch.

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