Judge vacates order—Thank you!

Judge vacates order—Thank you!

By Jon Bystrom, Staff Writer

My real estate partner of 23 years, Doug Bruno, filed a Motion to Enjoin Partners complaint in court. On Aug. 15 we appeared at a summons hearing and set the date of Sept. 12 in order to give me time to prepare preliminary motions and answer his lawsuit to dissolve our partnership.

On Sept. 5 an order was granted to Atty. Brian Larkin for his client Bruno, which would have frozen my assets, creating a stumbling block for me to effectively defend myself in court.

On Sept. 19, Winnebago County Circuit Court Judge Ron Pirrello granted a Motion to Vacate the Order in the Bruno vs. Bystrom partnership dissolution (and foreclosure proceeding, according to the Circuit Clerk’s records).

For those who followed last week’s article, God bless you.

The letters and defense funds have been overwhelming. The generosity of good people never ceases to amaze me. Generous with their resources and their love of Free Speech and their daring will to defend what we do at The Rock River Times.

For the record, I must correct myself in last week’s article; the man to champion passage of the Bill of Rights was not “James” but “George” Mason.

Mason wrote the “Virginia Declaration of Rights” which pre-dated the Bill of Rights. He’s a little-known hero of the Founding Fathers. He fought a heated battle for humanity for the passage of the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution.

George Mason, Jefferson, James Madison,

Patrick Henry and Richard Henry Lee prevailed against the financier faction of the Founding Fathers. Mason was one of the first to denounce the slave trade as a “disgrace to mankind” and worked to abolish it.

Also, yes, the 14th Amendment is not part of the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is the name for the first 10 amendments.

Keep the Defense Fund building; if I don’t need it, we will use it to promote a more friendly court system for the average person. The rules of the court should be open to the public and accessible. Why else would our ancestors have given their lives and risked all they owned? Why else did my father and my grandfather fight in World Wars I and II?

A big part of my belief in honest courts has been restored in Judge Pirrello’s court last week. That’s why we have defended the freedoms of this country from enemies foreign and domestic. Maybe we’ll establish a “We The People Committee Defense Fund.” Let’s fill it up and see how much freedom we can afford.

And if you want to see how life imitates art, get a copy of the romantic comedy screenplay I wrote about Rockford called The Discount Detective, on sale at The Rock River Times.

To be continued … more strange occurrences at The Rock River Times, including distribution problems, more weird phone calls and letters, computer hacking and vandalisms that have beset the rest of the staff at The Rock River Times.

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