Judicial complaints lack penalties

Judicial complaints lack penalties


What would America be like if there were no justice, if the public were subjected to paying an organized mob their life’s savings or be thrown in jail to silence them? How about if the People were locked in a vise of tyranny by a court that was to uphold their rights only to find a tyrannical gang robbing them of everything they held dear?

If the people believe their judge has made a mistake in a ruling, there is a complaint process to be followed. But what happens when the complaints are tossed out?

According to an Associated Press article by Anne Gearan, “Self-policing federal judges rarely impose penalties” (8/7/02), “Of 766 complaints lodged against judges lodged last year, only one resulted in a penalty.”

Put the 766 complaints (actually a petition to the governments) on one side of the scales of justice, and the purported one case of punishment on the other scale. Now ask yourself, is that justice? Is that a responsible judiciary? Is that a judiciary accountable to “WE THE PEOPLE”? Is that a judiciary serving the American People? Judges are public servants, but instead clearly are serving themselves. J.A.I.L. seeks to hold them accountable.

The J.A.I.L. Initiative will be explained at a California Judicial Accountability Conference April 20 in Fairfield, Calif. Keynote speakers will reveal the inside story of how the courts operate and how Judicial Immunity wreaks havoc with litigant’s cases. This valuable information can help protect the public from stepping into a tragic disintegration of our countries justice system. J.A.I.L. stands for Judicial Accountability Initiative Law.

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