Just let the government take over…

Just let the government take over…

By Richard T. Jones

Let me see if I have this right. The Constitution says the police cannot search my home or person, tap my phone, monitor my e-mail and keep track of how I spend my money without a warrant signed by a judge.

BUT … The “Patriot Act” overrides the Constitution by allowing the police to search my home or person, tap my phone, monitor my e-mail and keep track of how I spend my money, all without a warrant signed by a judge, just by labeling me a “terrorist” at their discretion. And now there is a new law in Illinois making being a “terrorist” an offense punishable by Death.

Q: If you are stopped by the police in your car on the street and (wisely) refuse to talk to them, what is going to stop them from ultimately labeling you a “terrorist” to force you to cooperate?

A: Nothing, and don’t think they won’t.

To police, judges and lawyers, laws are tools for either more control, more money or both. The more laws, the more tools they have to use against you. Don’t let anyone kid you into thinking laws are for our own good. They are either for more control or to generate more money for “the system.” The “Patriot Act” is like the ultimate tool. It is a combination lathe, jug borer, band saw, egg scrambler, hangman’s noose and, well, you get the idea.

Short history lesson. God created man. Man created government and the Constitution, an instrument limiting the government’s authority over man. Burn this following statement into your memory. The CREATED cannot be GREATER than its CREATOR. True with God and man, true with man and government. However, over a period of years, we have allowed the government to grant itself the authority to control every aspect of our lives “for our own good.” Because this level of control did not happen all at once, it is just another accepted fact. (Ever heard anyone say “death and taxes”?) The popular opinion these days seems to be that it is OK that we pay huge taxes both directly and indirectly to pay for things that we do not agree to pay for (theft). And that we allow the government to control and monitor all aspects of our lives. On the topic of control, there is the license sham.

Our government says, “You have to get licenses (permission) for everything.” (Black’s Law Dictionary defines license as “a revocable permission to commit some act which would otherwise be unlawful”). Emphasis added.

On the short list, the permissions you must have are: To marry the guy or gal of your choice, to build an addition to your own home, to have a garage sale to sell your own goods, to own a cat or dog, to go into business for yourself, to drive a car.

Imagine that! The government that WE CREATED says you cannot do much of anything without first asking for permission. If you step out of line, permission denied. As an example: You buy the car, you pay to pave the road, you pay for “lawmakers’” salaries, police cars and police salaries, but still you need “permission” to drive. Use this same logic with any license, and you will see how ridiculous this whole scheme of government over the people is. It is as if we no longer hold title to our own lives.

If you are interested in finding a lot of answers, you must first ask a lot of questions. Or, as my grandmother used to say, “If you want your ship to come in, you must first send it out.”

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