Keep election offices separate

After reading Jeff Havens’ Jan. 26-Feb. 1, 2005, article “Deceased voters appear on petition,” I decided to write this editorial to help out the article, being that I am a candidate and Precinct Committeewoman, and I would like to voice my opinion on the merging of the two offices. I think that would be a huge mistake. County handles county, and city handles city, and that should be the way it stays. The people who work at the City Board of Elections have always been very helpful, attentive and respectable to me whenever I have gone in there to get something I have needed. Whereas, the county clerk’s office, the few times I have visited, it seems to not care that people are needing help and seem to look right through you when you are standing there waiting for something. I feel the City Board of Elections has gotten a raw deal when they are told they can’t give advice. I can see not giving legal advice, but when asking a question concerning the filing of the petitions and the other papers that accompany it, they should be allowed to do their jobs by telling us if everything is there and how they should be bound together if the candidates are new, and my advice to anyone who decides to run for a political office after picking up your packet, contact an attorney that knows election laws.

Melissa Lewis is a Democratic candidate for Ward 2 alderman.

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