Kick start the economy And benfit us all

Kick start the economy And benfit us all

By Ed Henry

Kick start the economy

And benefit us all

Want to jump-start a sluggish economy? Want to save Social Security? Why not do both at the same time?

Take the $13 billion per month ($149.9 billion last year) in surplus entitlement payments currently going into the government’s pork barrel coffers and put it in the stock market. Set up real trust funds for Social Security, Medicare, gas taxes and so forth instead of the debit black hole accounts the government is double dealing us now. Stop stealing our entitlement money and put that money to some good use. We’ll all be better off.

Get rid of the “Pay-it-again, Sam” plan and the money laundering scheme set up by the Clinton administration. The way it is now, every $100 any working person in this country pays in extra FICA tax is not going to either Social Security or Medicare. It’s being stolen by the Beltway Bandits and used for pork-barrel pay-backs and more nefarious things. In fact, you end up owing them another $100 for your trouble.

After stealing every working stiff’s entitlement surpluses, these Ponzi pirates give us promissory notes put in debit accounts they try to claim are “trust funds.” Nothing could be further from the truth since these accounts are stuffed with nothing but nonmarketable bonds that can only be redeemed by the tax paying public. The very same people that contributed the stolen money in the first place.

The “safest investment in the world” means that we will have to pay the same $100 a second time, plus six to seven percent garbage interest thrown on top of the pile every year.

Instead of giving entitlement surpluses to the government con men, American workers would be better off if they just threw their surplus entitlement payments in the ocean. At least that way, we and our children would not have to pay this money a second time, with interest added.

What the Beltway Bandits call an “investment” or “strengthening the Social Security Trust Fund” is nothing more than double-taxation. “Backed by the full faith and credit of the United States,” means that the promissory notes, the nonmarketable bonds placed in these phony trust funds can only be redeemed from your future income taxes. It’s a blatant con game, pure and simple. You are being robbed.

It’s a simple matter to set up real trust funds just like the Thrift Savings Plan for federal employees. Just like the Beltway Bandits have put together for themselves. If two million federal employees, paid with our tax money, can invest up to 10 percent of their salaries in a retirement stock market plan, getting an annual 28 percent average return, why can’t the same be done with every working American’s excess payments?

Think Alan Greenspan is a good guy, a hero, working for your best interest? Then you should know that it was the Greenspan Commission that, in 1983, turned Social Security into a slush fund. Bob Dole and Daniel Patrick Moynihan were also on this commission.

While you’re paying this season’s heating and electrical bill, think of your government bragging about the $237 billion surplus they took from you last year. $94.7 billion came from Social Security alone.

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