Kryptonite: Everybody has a weakness

Kryptonite: Everybody has a weakness

By Justin R. Romine

By Justin R. Romine

Freelance Writer

During the day you drive past 308 W. State Street and don’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Just past your peripheral vision stands a corner out of dreams and happiness.

Kryptonite opened late September with a crash onto the downtown scene at the intersection of West State and Main streets. Located in Stewart Square, the new business moves well for the young, fresh 26-year-old owner, Chris Wachowiak.

Word of mouth speaks as a great source of publicity. Upon hearing of the place, everyone wants to go. Just one problem: where in the hell is it?? Half joking, Wachowiak explains. “Take State Street west, one block past the tiver, look on your left hand side, look for the green neons and look for the giant pickle hanging off the side,” he chuckles. “It’s supposed to be a piece of Kryptonite—looks like a pickle to me.”

Business hours tick Wednesday through Friday, 4 p.m. until 2 a.m., Saturday from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m., with Sundays open 5 p.m. until midnight. The club is closed Monday and Tuesday, but don’t be surprised to see Kryptonite open on an off night if something is going on in the River District.

Wachowiak, a Rockford native, wants to have an extraordinary job without leaving his hometown. When asked what people have to look forward to, he simply says, “This is a promise … if every four months I don’t make you go, ‘Wow!’—I’m not doing my job.”

Having top-shelf liquor, an interesting atmosphere, live bands on Wednesdays, great DJ’s on the weekend, a great staff, what DO people have to look forward to? “Making this the talk of the town. Making this place known in Rockford and surrounding areas.” Chris explains, “We are starting Wig-Night every Friday. It’s simple, wear a wig, get in free. We are going to run a dollar Miller Highlife special and Rockstar Long Islands for $3.50 on Fridays.”

What makes Chris different from other owners? “Because I’m a blue jean-wearing, T-shirt wearing, all-American boy who loves to hang out with his friends.”

Wachowiak doesn’t take all the credit for himself; he has a staff that works with him, not for him “They take care of business like nobody else. They are here with me in the morning, they put their own blood, sweat and tears and hearts into this place. They care just as much as I do about this place.” He also wants to thank his family, especially his mother, Diane, for all her help.

When you walk into a place and the owner greets you at the door or stops by your table or sits next to you at the bar, that’s hospitality.

Upon walking through the doors, night movers get the feel of a “Chicago” club. Try the industrial presence with a green tint. Metal, brick and art wrought iron dominate the decor. The bathrooms alone are worth the visit, ala Bacchus. Upstairs, sit on stylish couches and chairs or check out the 180-gallon fish tank, also tinted green. The oval-shaped balcony with its drink-catcher screen makes a great people-watching perch.

Those who don’t know Chris and look around Kryptonite at midnight aren’t likely to spot him. He looks just like the average guy moving to the music, having a drink, and hanging out with his friends. Thinking about it, if the owner of a club is having as much fun as everybody else, we’ve all found the right place to hang.

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