Last regular Wednesday for Beat Circus

Kryptonite’s variety night moving to last Thursday of the month

The date of this publication (July 28) marks the last regular night of Kryptonite’s Bizarro Beat Circus. It’s a shame, really, as one of the few things about Wednesdays I looked forward to was the open mic nights that featured a standard crew of rappers, poets, and musicians.

According to club owner Chris Wachowiak, the Beat Circus is not generating enough revenue to continue as a weekly show. He said business has actually dropped in the last eight months since the Circus began; his theory is that people are just getting used to it and forget to make it out on Wednesday nights. The show is not being canceled, but rather will move from its every Wednesday spot to the last Thursday of every month. The only times that schedule will change are when a national act is booked in its place. Then the Beat circus will be given a different Thursday. In its place, DJ Jason Mendelhoff will mix it up for Kryptonite-goers every Wednesday.

If you’ve never been to the Beat Circus, you just missed out on eight months of some of Rockford’s best. Hosted by Cullen Balch (a.k.a. The Mutinous Mutt), the regular performers bust out lyrics and music that they perhaps wouldn’t normally feel comfortable venting at a different venue.

So tonight, if you’ve always been planning on coming downtown to the Beat Circus, and haven’t done so yet, it’s a good idea. The bar has never really been packed on Wednesdays since I’ve been attending (maybe that has something to do with it), but this evening should prove to be different. Who knows, maybe spacing out these sessions to a monthly gig will actually encourage Rockfordians to get off the couch as it’s only required of them once every four weeks as opposed to available every seven days.

The Bizarro Beat Circus starts at 10 p.m. and runs until close. There is no cover. For more information, go to ,and click on the proper calendar date. For some reason, the web listing for Thursday, Aug. 26, says “pay at the door,” but I am fairly sure it’s free—it always has been.

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