LaVoz Latina gives honors

July 1, 1993

LaVoz Latina gives honors

By Joe Baker

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

La Voz Latina recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. As part of that observance, the service agency honored two individuals and an organization.

The Recognition Award was presented to the Corbett Family Foundation for its innovative, hands-on approach to philanthropy. Dr. Willard J. Corbett and his wife, Alice, were actively involved in the growth of La Voz Latina’s after-school program and scholarship program. Dr. Corbett is a former board member of the agency.

John Corbett is directing the work begun by his parents and received the award on the foundation’s behalf.

Rockford attorney Idalis Otero Edgren, who has a background in psychiatric work, received the Appreciation Award for giving more than 500 hours of volunteer legal service to La Voz Latina clients.

Silvio Endnas, Ed.S., is a bilingual school psychologist who has donated many hours of his time to provide bilingual services to small school districts. He launched bilingual preventive education in the areas of domestic abuse and anger management and teaches family communications at La Voz Latina.

Silvio and his wife, Brenda, publish El Hispano, a bilingual newspaper presenting health and consumer information to the Hispanic community.

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