Lawyer taking aim at judicial abuse scandal

Boston attorney David Grossack has been listening to the public’s complaints about the judicial system for more than 20 years. Now, he intends to do something about the problem of judicial abuse.

April 17 at 1 p.m. EST, a rally will take place at the Rayburn Congressional Office Building in Washington, D.C. That is the location of the House Judiciary Committee. The rally will include victims of legal mistreatment, legal reformers, Constitutionalists, and freedom-minded people, who will demand that the Judiciary Committee hold hearings on the problem of legal abuse in America. The Patriot Caucus and the Citizens Justice Institute, headed by Grossack, is promoting the event.

The American Bar Association is proposing a new Model Code of Judicial Conduct. Comments on this draft will be accepted through March 15. A final public hearing will be conducted from 9 a.m. to noon Feb. 11 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago.

Individuals may offer comments in person or electronically. Notification of your desire to comment should be sent to Benjamin Woodson, ABA Center for Professional Responsibility, 321 N. Clark St., 15th floor, Chicago, IL 60610.

Grossack’s organization said it has repeatedly contacted the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), author of the USA Patriot Act, asking him to conduct hearings on judicial abuse and public dissatisfaction with the legal system. Sensenbrenner ignored their requests, and so plans were made for a protest rally.

Devvy Kidd, writing on the Web site, said: “It’s no surprise Sensenbrenner never responded to David’s request. Sensenbrenner is one of the most dangerous, anti-American individuals in the U.S. Congress. We need Constitutionalists who are lawyers to get to this event, network, plan and execute throughout the 50 states of the Union. We need Americans from all walks of life to get to this event and make a show of numbers so great, these buzzards in Congress will see that the people have had enough…”

The two groups say legal abuse affects millions of Americans annually. They define its symptoms as follows:

It occurs when the legal system delivers injustice rather than justice.

It occurs when one side gets special treatment … negative or positive.

It occurs when the facts don’t matter, but the choice of a well-connected lawyer does.

It occurs when procedure is manipulated to foil a fair result.

It occurs when dirty pool is played by every side but yours, and the judge encourages it.

It occurs when laws and politics are enforced selectively, unreasonably or inappropriately.

Grossack has seen an anti-lawyer trend developing across the country. Writing on, he said: “A movement has been gradually emerging and spreading across America. It is born of frustration, despair and anger. It exists in the tiniest little hamlets on the Hawaiian Islands to the islands off Maine, and is found in every city and town in between.”

Grossack keeps a sharp eye on his profession. In his article, he further states: “Every year, lawyers are suspended from practice for lying under oath, misappropriation of client funds, fraud and occasionally even crimes of violence. The profession often does police itself when it comes to serious, provable offenses, but much of the evil that some lawyers do is not traceable.”

We have seen these types of misbehavior in this area and quite recently. More and more, there are angry residents looking for ways to rectify misconduct by the court system. They are looking for an answer to the question: “When the courts are corrupt, to whom do you turn?”

Grossack further states that a deeper cause of the American public’s unhappiness with lawyers is that too many of them are taking part in an economy that “has been overregulated by lawyers, by the bureaucracies and legislatures that enforce more than 8 million laws at the state, county, federal and municipal level that have been written by lawyers, enforced by lawyers, judged by lawyers and whose existence benefits lawyers.

“A 10,000-page tax code, a several inches-thick volume of securities regulations that make it unaffordable for most entrepreneurs to ever legally sell a share of stock to an investor, land use laws, laws about milk and eggs, laws about mattress stuffing, laws about paint disposal, and laws about trucks. You name it, lawyers regulate it and cash in on the regulation, whether it is getting paid by a client to interpret the law, or getting paid to enforce the law. A society so regulated now spends 40 percent of its gross national product on government.”

In Kenosha, Wisc., a new political movement has been born that articulates the growing resentment. The group calls itself the Anti-Lawyer Party and has a very distinct theme: “Don’t Vote for Lawyers!” The party’s online brochure describes lawyers as “the unconstitutional ruling class” and says the profession is “totally crooked.”

Actual fact is that only some lawyers are less than honest and ethical, but there are still too many of those. In March 2000, the University of Connecticut conducted a poll that showed Americans have a strong distrust of the legal system, including not only defense attorneys but also police and judges.

Grossack can be reached at: www.

From the Feb. 8-14, 2006, issue

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