LAX: Terrorist attack or no?

LAX: Terrorist attack or no?

By By Joe Baker

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

In the aftermath of the recent shooting at Los Angeles International Airport, voices are being raised charging the government is engaged in another coverup operation.

Following the incident, Richard Garcia, the FBI agent in charge, said: “This appears to be an isolated incident.” He was backed up by spokeswoman Mary McLaughlin, who said: “…there’s nothing to indicate terrorism at this point.”

Israeli spokesmen said immediately that they regard the shooting as a terrorist attack until it is proven otherwise. Israeli Transport Minister Efraim Sneh said: “Organizations, primarily extremist Islamic organizations, are planning to hit Israeli (and American) targets outside (the Jewish state). And an airport is a preferred target.”

Larry Klayman, chairman of Judicial Watch, a Washington legal firm dedicated to prosecuting government corruption, called for major changes in the government’s security apparatus.

“Given their poor track record leading up to September 11, the Bush FBI and Justice Department have regrettably established a pattern, for obvious political purposes, of withholding or not providing accurate information to the American public in order to deceive the public that they have not presided over further terrorist acts on U.S. soil,” Klayman said.

He added: “This fraudulent practice by the FBI and its Justice Department must cease. Our FBI director and attorney general, who have proven that they have a hard time telling the truth to the American people, should be fired or forced to resign.”

So what was the shooting, terrorist or something else? There are various claims out there. Among them are these:

The shooter, Hashem Mohamed Hadayat, 41, an Egyptian living in Irvine, Calif., according to DEBKAfile, an Israeli website, was a clandestine agent of Egyptian Jihad and had links to the same Brooklyn, N.Y. Jihad cell as Abdul Rahim Rahman and Ramzi Yousef, who were tied to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

DEBKA also claims Hadayat abetted the October 1999 crash of Egyptair Flight 990, which went down in the Atlantic off Nantucket Island. Some 217 persons died in that tragedy.

DEBKA said it never was reported that a group of high-ranking Egyptian air force officers and helicopter pilots was aboard. That crash was blamed on the plane’s copilot. DEBKA says Hadayat was in contact with the officers in 1998 and 1999 while they were training at Edwards Air Base north of Los Angeles.

Israeli journalist Barry Chamish claims the LAX shooting was an effort to slay the granddaughter of Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, who was in the terminal at the time.

Chamish contends Peres is a target for blackmail in Israel because he supports the Council on Foreign Relations-American-

British Mideast agenda.

Chamish said the first person to declare the attack at the El Al counter was a terrorist assault was Peres. There’s also the report that witnesses to the shooting described the attacker as a blond-haired white man with a pony tail, not a Middle Easterner. Hadayat did have two guns and a knife on his person.

Chamish’s views are posted at

Chicago journalist Sherman Skolnick reported the shooting had to do with a split in the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

“One Mossad faction wants to continue getting big funds from the White House by blackmail. An opposing faction, wants to expose, once and for all, Bush (family) fraud as a traitor to the American Republic.”

Skolnick details (on his website the business partnership between the bin Laden and Bush families in the Carlyle Group in past articles.

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