Left Justified: Election results

Left Justified: Election results

By Stanley Campbell

Wow! The Democrats got blown away! At least in the rest of the country. They did pretty good in Illinois, which is indicative of the corruption that radiated from the Governor’s office. Nationally, my biggest grief was the loss of Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota. My friends are angry; some are convinced liberal senators get assassinated while in small airplanes.

Locally, Democrats didn’t do too badly. I’m pleased that my friend Jim Hughes is now my county board representative (I live and work on Seventh Street). But I had to hold my nose when it came to voting for the second spot. It was a choice between “Headlock” Neblock and Tuffy Quiñonez. I voted for Tuffy, hoping it takes an ex-bar owner’s mind to shut down the bars on Seventh Street (which will be the only way they will shut down the red light district).

I am glad that the jail referendum passed. Rockford Urban Ministries, which I work for, supported it unanimously, which was a pleasant surprise. I’m concerned concrete and steel will get more money than all those lovely liberal programs. Construction cost overruns are par for a multi-million-dollar facility. I’d suggest cutting back the beds to 600 and dumping even more funds into police and neighborhood security, work release and parole. And do something about those bars that pour liquor to the inebriated and harbor the criminals.

I was startled to see a Perryville Road referendum on the ballot, somewhere up north. Too bad it passed because I am sure the pro-pavement people will use that as an excuse for running over the little historical landmark now blocking Perryville’s path.

I think, nationally, this country is screwed. There’ll be lots more tax cuts for the rich and too much money for the military and industrialists, and no help for the poor and middle classes. The environment will be dug up at no cost by miners and oil barons and lumbermen. Free gold, oil, timber and water paid for by the taxpayer, but delivered to the rich (reminds me of a joke: capital punishment means them without the capital get the punishment; or the golden rule: them that’s got the gold makes the rules).

I think George “W” will hold off invading Iraq until just before his election in 2004. Then he’ll send in everything we’ve got, and if the election is close, he’ll nuke Baghdad. George is a born-again Christian and wants to encourage the return of his Lord and Savior, so he’ll destroy the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and have Israel move all the Palestinians into Jordan. Funny thing is, Jesus is a pacifist and doesn’t like killin’ no how.

Friends of mine are already thinking about moving to Canada and founding a city called “Fearful.” I’m sure the country will survive Republican rule. It will just be a lot poorer and more dangerous, and have a lot more enemies and less freedom. Cheer up! It could be worse: we could be in a depression.

Stanley Campbell is executive director of Rockford Urban Ministries and spokesman for Rockford Peace & Justice.

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