Left Justified: Every gun killing encourages people to buy more guns

The Chief of Police caught a little fire when he said there were too many guns on the street. Most of us sane folks would agree, especially when we see young kids as gun holders.

But if you’re a gun dealer, you’d take umbrage at such unbridled gall. “How dare the Police Chief complain about our citizens’ right to own, use and sell guns?” say the supporters of free-enterprise firearms. “It’s our God-given and constitutional right to be able to put a gun in everyone’s hand, and make a very profitable killing, if I do say so myself.”

And every gun killing encourages more people to go out and buy more guns!

The disastrous murders at Virginia Tech have been covered ad nauseam by the media, but have you heard where the killer got his weapons? The gun merchants should proudly hang a sign in their window: “We Supply Mass Murderers” or maybe “Holder of the World Record for Most Killed by One Gunman.”

Where are the kids getting their guns?

Well, like you and I, when we’re out of ammunition, we just go to our friendly neighborhood gun store and re-arm. So do the kids. Except they choose someone legal, who can walk in and buy a number of weapons per month (you never know when you need more firepower).

Last gun show I went to, I could have purchased more powerful weapons than anything the Rockford police have in their arsenal.

I also saw a lot of high-powered hand guns, a few banana clips (which are used to increase the number of shots you can squeeze off as you walk through a college campus), and some cheap weapons that may blow up in your face. There are no safety requirements for guns. Your teddy bear has more.

And there’ll be no new cries for gun control, unless people get a little courage. Do you think it’s easy arguing when someone has a gun? Let me tell you, it is not!

Conservative gun nuts arm themselves to kill left-wing commies who arm themselves for the coming revolution. Drug dealers arm themselves to protect their “property.” Kids want weapons to act like an adult, and adults carry guns because they’re afraid of kids.

And we in the middle are collateral damage, if not targets.

Gun dealers encourage this. They make more money as the crime rates increase, and more people use guns to resolve differences.

One night, I was awakened by gunfire just below my second-story window. Some drunk came out of a bar and shot five shots at an imaginary or real enemy, and then hightailed it down the street. The police found cartridges, took measurements and photos, but the chance of catching this scofflaw is pretty slim.

What’s unfortunate is that he’ll buy bullets easier than most people buy medicines. It sure would be nice if that fellow had to work a little harder to get his ammo.

Stanley Campbell is executive director of Rockford Urban Ministries and spokesman for Rockford Peace & Justice.

from the May 2-8, 2007, issue

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