Left Justified: ‘Gay’ used to mean ‘happy’

I can’t imagine making love to a man. To me, that is yucky and downright gross. That’s because I’m biologically wired to be attracted to the female form, and I am happy being a heterosexual. So I can’t imagine how a man can physically love another man unless their biology and chemistry are different. That’s what the American Psychiatric Association as well as every reputable medical group in the country now state: homosexuals are born and have little choice in what attracts them. The way we are made determines our sexual preference.

So when I heard Christians using the Bible to bash gays, I had to do some soul searching. I am a Christian, but I know the Bible tells us to treat each other well. That’s the main message. And when we lust after another person and want to use them for our own selfish means and then dispose of them one after another, whether it is male or female, that is an abomination.

So I think we are to support loving individuals, and try to stop the sexual slavery of this commodity driven society. Gays are mentioned in the Bible, which also makes reference to sins and abominations that today make little sense, such as no fair mixing two types of fiber to make one garment, so all our cotton blends are an abomination unto the Lord. Also, slavery was purported to be OK with God, and I have a big book, printed in Virginia in 1859, that uses all types of Bible verses to protect and promote slavery. But we know slavery was wrong and still is and should not be acceptable unto the Lord.

I’m already in deep doo-doo with my fundamentalist friends. But it perplexes me that these religious men can satisfy their sexual proclivities and be blessed by the state and the church, yet because somebody is hot wired differently, they have to either live in a closet or, as some of them do, kill themselves.

I met one of the more fervent anti-gay fundamentalists at a Clock Tower presentation. He advocated stoning. My dear friends, I think that is an abomination—killing somebody because they do not conform.

I am not promoting homosexuality. Lord knows that I have enough trouble with heterosexuality. I am promoting tolerance for those who are different and those who want to live and love in peace and privacy without having a bunch of storm troopers bust down their doors and drag them off to prison. But allowing gays to live together and receive the same rights as all married couples, I think, is advancing civilization and will only increase the respect we have for family and community.

Stanley Campbell is executive director of Rockford Urban Ministries and spokesman for Rockford Peace & Justice.

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