Left Justified: Wanna buy a gun?

Left Justified: Wanna buy a gun?

By Stanley Campbell

Wanna buy a gun?

Pssst! Hey, buddy, you want to buy a gun?

I just came back from a gun show. I almost walked off with a weapon more powerful than the Rockford police have in their arsenal. I also saw a lot of high-powered handguns, some banana clips (used to increase the number of shots you can squeeze off as the Feds come crashing through your door), and some cheap weapons that’d probably blow up in your face if used.

It’s amazing what you can buy at these gun shows. If I knew what I was doing, I’d probably be able to arm myself and a small band of compatriots, take over the local police station, and hold them off until the rest of the right-wing paramilitary wacko militia came to my aid.

Not that I would ever really do that, but I think there are people just crazy enough to want to get into such a fight. Conservative gun nuts arm themselves to kill all the left-wing commies who arm themselves for the coming revolution. And we the people in the middle will be the collateral damage, if not the targets. Communists and fascists may institute gun control, but they don’t want it now. In fact, they want to get their hands on some real fire power. Megatonnage fire power.

Gun dealers encourage this. They make more money as the crime rates increase, and more people use guns to resolve their differences.

One night, I was awakened by gunfire just below my second-story window. Some drunk came out of a bar and shot five shots at an imaginary or real enemy, and then hightailed it down the street. The police came and found the cartridges, took measurements and some photos, but the chances of catching this scofflaw are pretty slim. What’s unfortunate is that he will be able to buy bullets easier than most people are able to buy medicines. It sure would be nice if that fellow had to work a little harder to get his bullets.

I was invited to go to a gun club and get a chance to learn about guns from the gun owner’s perspective. OK, I’ll take that offer. Let me hear the gun lovers’ side, in person, while surrounded by people armed to the teeth. Let me see if they truly believe in freedom of speech, and whether I can find out just how they propose to keep guns away from the criminals.

Here’s hoping to stay alive for my next Rock River Times column.

Stanley Campbell is executive director of Rockford Urban Minsitries and spokesman for Rockford Peace & Justice.

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