Let residents select waste hauler

I am appalled, after reading the Thursday, Aug. 19 editorial in the Rockford Register Star (“Deal with waste hauler”) in which you endorse the socialistic, big government notion that the Winnebago County Board should/could mandate (Rockford Blacktop-owned) Rock River Disposal Services as the one and only disposal service anointed to do business in unincorporated Winnebago County.

This notion is sad, bad, wrong and evil beyond description. Anyone supporting this blatant attack on the free enterprise system should be found unfit to hold public office, and dealt with accordingly.

I have lived in unincorporated Winnebago County (Rockford Township) all my life, and I regard my contract with my private waste hauler as lifetime, revocable only by me. I will not sign with Rock River Disposal should the Winnebago County Board commit such a stupidity. They will not come onto my property, and they would be ill-advised to consider me an entrapped customer.

I am sure there will be, and should be, lawsuits filed against the County Board, the chairman and the County Board members, should the County Board in its finite wisdom approve this socialistic crap.

My advice to any citizen in unincorporated Winnebago County will be:

Don’t sign anything. Don’t let Big Brother do this to you. I understand this could be brought to the County Board on Thursday, Aug. 26 (see “County’s proposed garbage contract dies,” page A5). Contact County Board members for a “no” vote on this proposed atrocity and attack on your freedom.

If they don’t vote no, then do not accept it. If you are happy with your waste disposal service, stick with them. Support any lawsuit or any other action taken against the county. In the end, we will win. Don’t let them do this to us.

Pete MacKay, Republican, is a Winnebago County Board representative for District 5.

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