Let the sunshine in

Let the sunshine in


Got the winter blahs? It’s hard to think about spring when there’s snow, dreary days and more cold weather ahead in the forecast. But don’t despair. Robert Kling, senior vice president of Merchandising for Pier 1 Imports, tells you how to cut through the gloom and brighten the rooms in your home.

Bright light. With the shorter days and less sunlight, many people have a lower energy level. Make sure your room has plenty of light. “The right lamp not only is a functional light source, but also adds a style element to any room,” Kling says. “Good lighting can serve as a bright spot that naturally draws people into a living space.” Don’t be afraid to use lamps with whimsical spring motifs, like dragonflies, for accent lighting.

Scents of spring. Surround yourself with lighter floral and fruit fragrances. “A big trend going into the spring is ‘botanical candles’ that feature natural flowers and grasses formed into the shape of the candle,” Kling says. This new take on the traditional-looking candle smells great and really feels like spring.” Paired with a stylish candleholder, you’re on your way to enlightenment.

Floral bliss. Daisies, roses, calla lilies and other greenery can spruce up your home without a lot of effort on your part. “If you don’t have the budget to buy live flowers or the time it takes to keep plants healthy, look at silks as a beautiful and affordable solution,” Kling says. “There are some very high-quality silk florals that look fabulous—no one will know but you!”

Lighten up. It may be time to say goodbye until next season to your pillows and throws in heavier fabrics like velvet and chenille. Freshen up your room with pillows in floral prints and bright cotton woven fabrics. Rugs in light natural fibers or cotton rugs in brighter pastels can also unexpectedly lighten your room.

Dinner gets a lift. New accents for your table that can easily transition to spring will help wake up your dining table. Colorful chargers can mix well with your basic china to create a new look. “Clean and crisp blue and white ceramics are another trend we’re seeing for spring,” Kling says. “It’s a fresh, fun and cheerful look—all the elements you need to brighten your home.”

So dust off the cobwebs and let there be light!

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