Letter to Illinois Supreme Court Justice

Dear Chief Justice [Robert] Thomas [Illinois Supreme Court],

I write to you with much thought and trepidation, to implore you to reconsider any mention of the appointment of State’s Attorney Paul Logli for the position of associate judge in the county of Winnebago.

I am among many people, present and former residents, who have been persecuted by Paul Logli and his conduct under the color of the law. you need to look no further than the case of People v. Chatmon to see the injustices that Paul Logli overseen [sic] in his capacity as State’s Attorney. unlike the case of the DA in the Duke N.C. case, no one has apologized nor acknowledged the wrong done to Mr. Chatmon. there is a culture of corruption that permeates the city of Rockford, and the idea that Mr. Logli would possibly be considered for such a position requiring the utmost of ethical purity is not within the ability of this jurist to sustain.

The staff at The Rock River Times and other community members are questioning the rationale to this appointment in the face of the many qualified candidates that have not been tainted by years of cronyism and misconduct. the specifics are so long and cover so many details in my own particular case that if necessary, I will be willing to testify under oath and not just through this communication to stop this nomination from moving forward. If this court can appoint this individual and ignore the people that has been victimized, by the abuse of power at the hands of Mr. Paul Logli, the little confidence the public have left in this system will only be diminished further.

Timothy Chatmon

Editor’s note: Timothy Chatmon was the primary litigant in the 2000 federal jail overcrowding lawsuit that was used to persuade Winnebago County voters in 2002 to support an increase in the sales tax to fund the construction of a new 1,212-bed jail.

from the June 27-July 4, 2007, issue

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