Letters to the Editor: Concerning page-1 story

Letters to the Editor: Concerning page-1 story


Was brutality necessary?

On Nov. 13 at approximately 4 p.m., 2002, my son had a medical seizure. His partner and coworkers saw this and called 911. The medics came and proceeded to give him oxygen. My son panicked and raced toward the Amoco gas station and McDonald’s on State Street.

The medics called the police, and four or five squad cars came, and one of the “heroic men in blue” body slammed him to the pavement and put his foot on his head, causing numerous scratches and pain. Five-plus men in blue decided to jump in and kicked him severely in the ribs and face. One of those heroic bullies jumped on his back with his knee, and another handcuffed him so tight that he lost feeling in three of his fingers. One of my son’s co-workers pleaded with the officers that he was having a seizure, and they told him to shut the F@#$ up and proceeded to manhandle him.

A lady and a man asked our men in blue why were they being so brutal and were also told to shut up or face arrest. Does this sound like some Gestapo tactics?? FEAR FEAR!!!! My son’s co-worker told the officers AGAIN that he was having a seizure, and again they told him to shut the F@#$ up or face arrest.

America, where are you? I wonder how these cops feel, or do they have any feelings? My son was not drunk or a bum, but with his work clothes on, that’s probably what our protectors thought. GOD HELP US. My son is hurting, many tests and pain. I hope there is no hate in his heart because he is a good man.

I know what they are going to reply. “We face dangerous situations on our tour of duty …,” GRANTED, but to take five-plus cops to subdue a 160-pound man once he is down and pleading, yes, pleading for help. These so-called protectors did not ease up and help him; instead, they brutally punched and kicked him.

He couldn’t BREATHE. What would have happened if they killed him???? “Oh, I’m sorry,” they would say.

Maybe more training is needed. My son was not in his right mind by the doctor’s decision. He could have been calmed down by TALKING to him. I hope you MEN IN BLUE stop and think. Next time you may be TOO brutal AGAIN. People are afraid to witness; they fear reprisals or going to jail for speaking up against these protectors. I hope that one of their family members never face the same situation. GOD FORBID!!!

WHY, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KICK HIM SO MANY TIMES!!!??? He doesn’t remember anything from the time the medics applied oxygen until the BIG COP was kneeling on him in the back and kicking him in the ribs.

Leonard Klonicki

l l l

On Nov. 13, my uncle was badly beaten.

He had a seizure and the paramedics were called. After applying oxygen, he panicked and ran. My uncle was delirious, so the medics called for police assistance to help subdue him. Four to five squad cars came. My uncle was pleading for help … HELP.

Five plus officers body slammed him to the concrete and began punching and kicking him.

His face was so bruised and swollen; his ribs were bruised, almost broken. His wrists from the handcuffs were on so tight, he lost feeling in three of his fingers. The cuts and bruising around his wrists were horrible.

I could not believe what I was hearing. The paramedics and his co-workers tried telling the cops that he was having a seizure and were told to shut up or face arrest. People coming out of the establishment asked why were they being so brutal. They were told to shut up or face arrest.

Now, I am only 17 years old, but if I saw someone kicking a dog like that, that person would be arrested. And this was a human being. This was my uncle, a Rockford business owner, in need of medical HELP. The cops, to my knowledge, were called to assist in subduing him so they could take him to the emergency room. Instead, the emergency room had to take care of his wounds instead of figure out what caused this seizure.

My parents have told me to respect authority; man, how can I do that? I realize there are always bad apples among us; I just really hope that these supposed protectors of ours get punished for this. I love my uncle. He has such a big heart, and he has a wonderful wife and children who are all suffering from this.

It makes me stay awake at nights to think the cops there were involved in this situation will face no punishments for their actions towards my uncle. He didn’t deserve to be abused by the men in blue. In my opinion, the cops that did this are very cruel and have no hearts. I am sorry if I offended any of you, but be in my place. SEEING THE PAIN IN HIS EYES!!!

How are we supposed to feel? Our enemies do damage to us like this.

I hope you understand where I am coming from and maybe, just maybe, we can prosecute the “bad guys.” Thank you for listening to what I had to say.


Eric Maylum

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