Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor


Setting the record straight

Dear Editor:

This is in response to Beverly Davies’ letter that she wrote in response to my letter. It is too bad that you think that I am not 11, because I am! (I guess that was a compliment.) But anyway, my age is of no concern to these issues.

For example, I am not the one who needs to get my facts straight. We anti-murderists do adopt; we care plenty about what happens to the baby after it is born! How do you know if we adopt or not? Do you go around taking surveys? Murder is murder. When did God give you the job of deciding when the soul enters the baby? Abortion at any stage is MURDER!

Who are you to decide when and what murder is? In fact, less than 1percent of a million abortions are from rape. Everyone is using it for birth control, and that is wrong! I know three people; they have all gotten pregnant out of wedlock, but they decided to keep the babies, and they are beautiful, perfect, little creations of God. For, you see, God plans everything at the moment of conception, nothing is left out. God includes the soul.

Ms. Davies, you said that you think the soul does not enter the baby until right before birth. What do you base that on? What if God does not put your soul in you until right before you die, so everyone can go to heaven? Your belief does not make sense if you think about it. In answer to your question, no, I would not give up my child because of the way it was conceived. What kind of mother am I going to be? I hope like the one I have, who trains me up to respect life before, during and after birth.

Execution is punishment for a horrible crime; those innocent babies have done nothing! Why should they be punished for their parent’s ignorance? P.S. I would like to thank Laura Galaviz for her article about abortion and Robin Betian’s article about the care of puppies. P.P.S. I will be 12 in March!

Mandolyn Hecox

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Zero tolerance = zero intelligence

Dear Editor:

The Kane County school system recently was ordered to pay a child $150,000 for violating his civil rights under a zero tolerance policy. The question is, why would reasonable people do something like that? The answer is, they are not reasonable people. “Zero” also means irrational in this context. What kind of people implement and administer irrational policies? That is not really hard to answer. They are the ignorant, the malicious, the intellectually lazy and authoritarians who may also be any or all of the former. But how can we be surprised? These have always been the kinds of people who have put the “moron” in moronic absolutist philosophies and policies.

So, what will be price to society for this false security? Children certainly see the adults in these cases as untrustworthy hypocrites. But, then again, that is the nature of the immoral majority. It may be that they are doing the children a service by indoctrinating them into the ways of the majority. There are also technological opportunities. The mindless autocratism of “zero tolerance” is perfect for computerization. And it does not require a very smart computer. I hate to give the zeros an idea they may not already have, but do you think they may someday persuade their counterparts in the legislature to make adolescence a felony? Hey, it’s a way to bolster the state’s detention industry. More government jobs for authoritarians and autocrats. What more could we want?

Larry A. Webb

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Statement by Illinois AFL-CIO on Florida vote count

December 1, 2000

Dear Editor:

Whether you live in a penthouse, row house or farmhouse; whether you work in the board room or vacuum it after hours, the people of this country have a fundamental belief that when they enter the polling booth, they stand on equal footing.

The certification of the incomplete Florida vote count was a blatant act of political maneuvering. The incomplete Florida count subtracted the votes of hundreds in Palm Beach County whose votes were hand counted, but not included. It subtracted the 157 votes identified in just the sample recount in Miami/Dade County, as well as more than 10,000 votes rejected by machines that the county declined even to examine.

Working families and their unions made an unprecedented effort this year to encourage American citizens to vote in communities throughout the country, including here in Chicago. This effort was made because of the issues that matter to working families. The votes have not all been counted in Florida, robbing people of the most powerful right they have.

Americans have been very patient with the process. On behalf of the one million union members in Illinois, we insist that Florida conduct a full and fair count of all votes–take a few more days and get it right. Then, no matter what the outcome, we can say with pride that our democracy works, and everyone’s vote counts.

Margaret Blackshere

President, Illinois AFL-CIO

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Election results not honest

Dear Editor:

This election has given us countless hours of fascinating TV, but it is time we resign ourselves to a George W. Bush presidency. If the Bush boys stole the Florida election, then it is going to stay stolen. Honest vote counts will change nothing because the Florida legislature has announced that come what may, Florida will send a slate of George W. Bush electors to Washington.

Bill Clinton clearly won the 1992 election. But when Clinton arrived in Washington, Republicans in Congress immediately appointed a special prosecutor. Republicans have since spent upwards of 100 million dollars in a fruitless effort to bring him down. The special prosecutor will continue even after Clinton leaves office. A couple of days ago, he dragged out poor Monica Lewinsky and forced her to testify once again. This is vindictiveness beyond belief.

It is tempting to hope that congressional Democrats line up behind George W. Bush and stab him in the back the way congressional Republicans did Bill Clinton. But we Democrats and liberals are better than that. Someone has to grow up and de-escalate, or American politics will grow even more like Jerusalem’s.

Republicans are mad as hornets and every day use more inflammatory rhetoric. Senator Gramm, Representatives Dick Armey and Tom DeLay, and every other Republican leader, seem ready to pull the whole edifice down rather than blink.

Under the circumstances, it is hard to imagine Al Gore can ever function as president. If he wants it so badly, let little Prince George have it. Al Gore can end this thing and lead us back from the abyss. He will be an authentic American hero, and his place in history will be assured.

Don Gaines

Eleroy, Ill.

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