Libertarians score win

Libertarians score win

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor

Libertarians have won another victory in their battle against the Republican Party.

The Cook County Circuit Court recently reversed three rulings by the State Board of Elections, acting as the State Officers Electoral Board.

Judge Marcia Maras ordered the names of three Libertarian candidates placed on the ballot for the November 2002 general election. The three are running for state representative from DuPage County. The county is a GOP stronghold.

The state board earlier this month decided to ignore its own published rules and the recommendations of its own hearing officer and general counsel by upholding objections from the Republicans. The Libertarians appealed the ruling to the circuit court.

“This court’s ruling is a continuation of favorable decisions that are starting to change the corrupt political landscape in this state,” said Mike Ginsberg, media director for the Libertarians.

“Earlier this year, the Circuit Court of DuPage County overturned the Republican-dominated DuPage County Board of Elections and recognized our right to elect precinct committeemen. A few weeks ago, the Republicans capitulated and withdrew their objections to the Libertarians fielding a statewide slate of candidates after we overwhelmingly proved we had met all legal requirements,” Ginsberg added.

The Libertarians will have at least 19 candidates on the ballot, with several more cases pending.

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