Literary Hook: A ‘quirky’ prose poem

Here is a quirky prose poem written by Sharon Mauldin, one of my students at the Clearing.

Sharon has a wonderful wit and a big heart, which she brings to her prose and poetry. She also has an interesting personal history. Born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, Sharon has lived in California and Wisconsin. Among other things, she has been an entrepreneur, a manager of medical offices, and a dance instructor. Her writing has been inspired by the often contradictory world around her. She lives in Green Bay, Wis., with her long-time husband, Leonard Wahl, who is a doctor.

Hello, Dalai!

Dolly Parton and the Dalai Lama have moved in together in Dollywood.

Dolly talks to him about wanting people to know that there is a brain beneath

those wigs and a heart beneath those two weapons of mass distraction.

The Dalai Lama says he’s thinking about taking up guitar and incorporating country western songs into his daily chants.

Dolly knows that we should never judge a person only by their appearance.

The Lama knows that music and laughter can touch the face of the Divine.

They lock eyes and smile, seeing beneath all their differences—two wise,

creative, caring spirits, touching each other’s souls.

Christine Swanberg is a local author and poet who has written several books of poetry and formerly wrote a column called “The Writer’s Garret” for this newspaper.

from the Aug. 22-28, 2007, issue

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