Literary Hook: Poem to be read at fund-raiser

With any luck, we are nearly finished with winter. March is marching in.

Here is a poem written about early spring (March) that appeared in Who Walks Among the Trees with Charity. This poem, along with many others, will be read at the Womanspace fund-raiser at Barnes & Noble March 24. More about that later.

Meantime, let’s hope the groundhog was right!

Where This Early Spring Morning Took an Unsuspecting Poem

Early this March morning, the cardinal red against

Dried stalks of pampas grass that sway

In the benevolent wind, ripe with conglomerate birdsong

And O, such promise.

Though it’s best to cut

The grassy peacocks down to their nubby green spears,

Let the sun into that hay-like nest and all that jazz,

what romantic gardener can bear the thought:

Those glorious tassels chopped, no more dancing harems

In the garden. We sit ambivalent, longing always

For the moment’s last sustained grace.

What luxury, what desirable life,

To have time to thirst for beauty

Like hummingbirds thirst for red nectar. Of course

The nectar’s not really red. It’s the illusion

Of attraction. Red, like love early

In its course.

What luck, what desirable life, when red

Gives way to sustenance, sweet nectar drawing us back

Time and again.

I remember a hummingbird that flew

Right to my lips, painted “Red, Frosted Berries” that day.

Another torpedoed to my scraped knee,

First to discover its red mushroom of blood. I am in love

With the hummingbird and can’t bring this poem back

To the pampas grass, can’t muster specific wisdom.

And this poem is like pampas grass, swaying,

Still long enough to hold a few birds

In this desirable life.

Christine Swanberg is a local author and poet who has written several books of poetry. Her latest book, Who Walks Among the Trees with Charity, is available through Wind Publications, online at

From the March 7-13, 2007, issue

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