Literary Hook: Prepare for ‘Reentry’: A poem from The Clearing

I am pleased to present selected writings from the class I taught at The Clearing. The first piece is a poem by Marcia Laker.

Marcia was born in Racine, Wis., and still considers her tie to Wisconsin part of her identity. Living as a young woman in Chicago, she attended one of the Northwestern School of Nursing programs.

She married a doctor. Mothering, grandmothering and using her medical background working in hospitals and later community involvement have all fed into the sensibility she brings to her poetry. She established MINC publishing in 2002 as a vehicle to print and distribute her books, sold as the “Sightings” series. For more information, e-mail

The poem you are about to read, “Reentry,” was written upon Marcia’s return from The Clearing. She says, “The Clearing offers a retreat that fosters creativity in the lovely setting of Door County.”


In the background

you hear the computer booting,

the printer recharging ink.

After an absence,

the flowers that have wilted

need to be removed.

The cat, of course, is distant,

questioning your motives, punishing,

she will soon forgive and purr.

Being met at the airport

on time meant

reentry, and, husband wise, to defer.

Now you need to deal

With the emotional baggage,

mail, see the household improved.

Consulting the calendar,

The future looks tense with trouble.

You are the missing link.

Anyone who has ever had time to devote to creativity or spirituality can relate to the jarring reentry into “the real world” that follows. Good summer thoughts and reflections on this Independence Day.from the July 5-10, 2007, issue

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