Literature: Local poetry selections

• • •

It’s Time (For Change)

It’s Time (For Change)

For Larry Morrissey

For all of the Citizens

of Rockford, Ill.

It’s time for change

It’s time for a new vision

It’s time for a new direction

Rockford has suffered too long

Rockford was once strong

in Unity, in community

I can remember a more vibrant,

a more lively and warm Rockford

where children played happily

and lively in the streets. 🙂

I can remember when Rockford

felt that it had the same heartbeat

that beat for all people

Over the years our community

has become divided

Rockford is one of the most segregated

cities I’ve ever seen

It hurts to see and experience such

an existence of people

going about their daily lives

uncaring or unknowing that it takes

a village for all of us to thrive or survive

It’s time for change

It’s time for a new vision

It’s time for a new direction

Our leadership has paid no mind

to the fact that West Rockford

has fallen far behind

It seems as if by design,

West Rockford has been

overlooked and ignored

Its potential undermined and unexplored

I can recall when West Rockford

was lively, full of hope, and was

a very progressful place to be

The love, the togetherness,

and the family bonds were such

a sight to see

That community of love helped

make me 🙂

Drugs and guns hit our communities

and all of a sudden our neighborhoods

became violent and destructive war zones

Our plight became gray

We began to hide in our homes

Instead of our leadership creating

ways for our communities to escape

the pain and the hell, many of Rockford’s

citizens were targeted, set up, and sent

to prison or jail

West Rockford is so far behind

that a new city has developed

I choose to call it Rockford East

Where much attention is given to its

productivity, prosperity, and that its

citizens live safely and in peace

We need leadership that sees this


We need leadership that will challenge

Rockford’s citizens to become one

We need leadership that thinks and acts

in terms of We

We need change

It’s time for Larry Morrissey

— Christopher Donshale ©2004

• • •

Office Depot Rubber Bands

Package of one hundred

(ZipLocked in plastic) Rubber Bands of

Various sizes of various expansions

Of different Crayola colors I hold in my hand.

The No Name brand of rubber bands that

Hold everything together I have that come with no

False snaps in the wind that are super charged

With what they are, including ironies.

This package of one hundred rubber bands

Has a hole in its package.

Bands keep wiggling through

Its tight space

And I try to finger them back

And I am laughing—I am full of many faces


Yet as I do this thing

One stretched out rubber band


my finger.

A sting.

And I frown—

even rubber bands know

there are no Eternal Angels

in a smile!

—Sallie Adams

• • •

Anniversary Dinner

The table was set with creamy cloth

Crystal goblets—china frothy blue

Ivory candles—pink antique sticks

Scarlet roses—silver for two.

She made a meal of golden rolls

Crisp spring salad, tomato-laced

Savory chicken garnished with fresh greens

Amber tea brewed to a gourmet’s taste.

The occasion remembered, she sat down to wait.

Hubby phoned to inform her he’d be home late.

—Sallie Adams

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