Local publishes inspirational poetry collection

Kevin Davis has recently published a sweet, although not fully ambitious, collection of emotional poetry intended to provide inspiration and “enlightenment.”

Lost Trails: Poetry for the Universal Heart strives to give a “deeper appreciation of God and humanity,” and is fairly nonspecific in defining both God and humanity, which is what makes the collection universal.

Lost Trails is an easy read, and is alphabetically ordered from “Ageless” to “Why,” which helps the reader track down the poem fitting his or her mood.

The short poems cover topics of emotion ranging from the effects and grief of death to the joy and hope within life. The book reads at a third grade level, and the rhymes are consistently simple and basic but deep with sentiment. The personal tales he tells and the commentary he gives on his own relationships, spirituality, social issues and family matters are easily related to the public and have a naïve quality of tenderness.

Although there really isn’t a demand for personal poetry these days, the local public should consider purchasing a copy of Lost Trails as the entire family can consume Davis’ work and one should always support the local literary and arts scene. The book would be recommended for readers of all ages, as the themes of the poetry range from the depths of grief and loneliness to less intense topics such as innocent love.

Although the few rants on starvation in Third World countries could be seen as trite and fairly obvious, they’re unassuming and have none of the “holier-than-thou” smugness that so easily creeps into such arguments.

The author has traveled to Asia, Europe, South America, and throughout the United States. His travels, work-related I assume, have affected his writings and personal life as one can read in Lost Trails.

Davis is definitely a man of many hats, as he is the lead trumpet for Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra, a flight attendant for United Airlines, has a bachelor’s degree in music education from Oakland University, has released two CDs of original music (Interludes and White English Rain), and has taught in public schools.

In 2000, Davis created Musikd.com, a Web site that distributes his CDs and does re-mastering work for other musicians. Currently, he is re-mastering a CD for Nashville singer/songwriter Peter Rodman. Davis also created, produced and performed in an annual event called “The Pascere Concert,” which raises donations for the Rockford Rescue Mission.

Lost Trails is available at most local book stores, and can be ordered by going to www.Xlibris.com. Davis hosts a book signing this Saturday, Dec. 13 at the Vikinig Room in the Sweden House from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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